2nd XV vs Cardiff Met

The boys were buzzed and ready for the game, and this showed when we stormed into the match, straight from kick off, into the faces of the Met team. You could tell their fat 10 was shitting himself. Our quick start and high pressure allowed us to dominate the first 15 minutes. This paid off when we had them on the back foot within their 22. The backs picked up the ball and Boyzone (Jamie Plumb) finished off a slick move by powering through their line and scoring underneath the posts. We continued to control the game and extended our lead when Aran Fitzpatrick scored his first try for the Meds, and the lead could have been extended even further if Longy (Alex Moore) hadn’t of dropped the ball over the line.

We started to get sloppy, leading to us losing the ball in our own 22 and conceding a try just before halftime. We were then hit with further setbacks as Jeremy and Elliot got injured early on in the second half. We bounced back strongly though and after some good possession and pressure; Ryan Harris charged over the line to push us closer to victory. However, Met got one back when the ball came loosely out of the ruck just in front of our try line which one of their players pounced on to score. This set up for a nervy finish to the game but we hung on well and all looked high and dry until the ref called “final play”. I (Jobbit) picked up the ball and went to boot the ball out of play to seal the victory, a simple task it may seem, instead, I sliced the ball backwards and it landed about 10ft short of the touchline. It’s fair to see that I was absolutely bricking it and I thought that I would never be able to play rugby again if they scored. Fortunately, much to my relief, we kept hold of the ball and it was eventually scrambled out of play and the game finished 10-19.

Overall it was a great performance by the lads but most importantly it was a great victory and hopefully setting up for more to come.


Posted on: December 9th, 2016
Posted in: results

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